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If you are looking for a bit of warmth on those cool summer nights or those spring and autumn days in your garden we have the solution for you.

We have a wide range of options so that you can fully enjoy your garden space.

Abodefurniture offers you the highest quality products at the best prices so you can make the most of your garden.

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229€ €
The Stainless Steel Patio heater will enable households to enjoy the outdoor experience for longer thanks to the efficient heat emitting burners. This model is portable and has a safety tilt device fi..
835€ €
Curious and dynamic, rather mischievous, it doesn’t like to stay still: it dives into the sand, among the rocks, hides in its enclosure or rises up to be completed… A perfect combination of simplic..
309€ €
Our electric heater sits beautifully in the center of any table and adds a mediterranean flair to all your garden furniture. The Table top heater body is made from matching rattan and the support l..
5999€ €
Strong and statuesque, you cope with bad weather like a mythological hero. You are made of concrete that surrounds a primitive fire. You know how to be elegant and informal, your materials age a..
2779€ €
A reserved niche, a timid opening in the ground. You hardly notice that it’s there, but when the fire is burning the Hole is animated, displaying all its charm. Once the show is over it blends a..
2645€ €
Small yet great, you can dominate the daring flames that leap upwards, darting and dancing, moving continuously. You can tame them and contain them in your compact shape, a theatre where the natura..
1513€ €
A refuge from the breeze of spring evenings or shelter from the cold of winter afternoons. Rondo is the cradle of the fire and sweet solace: its metal holds the flames, its stone the onlookers. ..
389€ €
The tall rattan heater is the ideal complement to your rattan garden furniture and will give you a real holiday feel. The heater is maintenance-free. The electric heater body is made from matchi..
1889€ €
You can be seen from afar, reminiscent of nomadic encampments. Within your slender and essential structure you show signs of ancient communication means.  ..
2975€ €
An ideal frame for the magic of the fire. It can be arrayed in different materials to create a perfect alchemy with its surroundings. An impeccable companion of soft evening light. ..
3499€ €
An outdoor wood fireplace, a nest in which to seek refuge, enjoying the warmth of the fire: the eccentric dance of the flames is replaced by the silent burning of the embers. A sweet warmth that co..
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