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Bonnell/Open Sprung Mattresses

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Bonnell sprung mattress with "Comfort Plus" filling. Ultra-soft anti-allergic fabric with health guard treatment. High comfort and hygiene for your baby. Strech fabric (58%PES; 42%PA). 2 foams10mm..
85€ €
Maximum comfort and hygiene for your baby; Coloured stretch ticking, ultra-soft, antiallergic, anti-dust mite, with HealthGuard treatment; Strech fabric (58%PES; 42%PA). Memory foam 10mm density ..
248€ €
Bringing Bonnell springs together with memory foam. Memory foam is a heat sensitive product that reacts to body temperature, becoming more malleable as heat increases. Its biobreathable stretch tickin..
180€ €
The Classic Mattress from Hotel Suite line has a bonel sprung system, is a medium to firm model. Anatomical Strech fabric Ventilated, Side handles  Border 3D Ventilation Fir..
279€ €
Duo-Relax is a bonel sprung mattress with latex and viscoelastic. A mattress with two distinct sides, the perfect combination between the viscoelastic recovery power, the latex ventilation a..
439€ €
The latest innovation in Bonnell sprung mattresses is a cork layer, an excellent raw material, that makes the mattress antiallergic, antistatic and strong. The side cork strip gives this a unique and ..
125€ €
Comfort, softness, color and durability. A mattress to dream and play. Bonnell Spring Mattress; Coloured Stretch Ticking; Puzzle Quilting; Multi-Ventilated; Anti-dust mite and Antiallerg..
139€ €
The simplicity and comfort of a Bonnell spring mattress, providing support and durability. Main Characteristics:   Bonnell Spring Mattress Stretch Ticking Anti-dust mite and Antiall..
219€ €
The ergonomics of a Bonnell spring mattress, with stretch ticking and quilting on the side handles. Comfort and style. Main Characteristics:   Bonnell spring mattress Stretch Ticking ..
129€ €
Main Characteristics:   Bonnell spring mattress Stretch Ticking Anti-dust mite and Antiallergic Orthopaedic Strengthened Sides Anatomic: Very comfortable / adjusts to the body ..
129€ €
Orthopaedic Mattress. Maximum support and protection for your back. Main Characteristics: Open Coil Breathable Strip Anatomic Stretch Ticking Anti-dust mite treatment Height: +/- 21 cm..
109€ €
Soflex is a mattress with bonel sprungs and ventilated system, is a model of firmness. Antiallergenic Bonel sprung system Ventilated Height: 19cm Approx.    Also ava..
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Superior mattress from Hotel Suite line has a bonel sprung system. This hotel mattress is anatomically designed with a bonel sprung system and has a good layer of tufting. Anatomi..
149€ €
Firm, strong and snug. With a breathable strip and white stretch ticking. A simple mattress, but very comfortable. Main Characteristics:   Open Coil System Strengthened Sides Stretc..
239€ €
Bonnell spring mattress with memory foam and high hypoallergenic protection. Strengthened Sides. Spring mattress with memory foam and "Health Guard" stretch ticking. Protects the fabrics against..
199€ €
The Top Class mattress combines the firmness of the Bonnell sprung system with the comfort and style of the Stretch Milk ticking. Main Characteristics:   Bonnell Sprung Mattress Ortho..
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