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Bonnell/Open Sprung Mattresses

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Bonnell sprung mattress with "Comfort Plus" filling. Ultra-soft anti-allergic fabric with health guard treatment. High comfort and hygiene for your baby. Strech fabric (58%PES; 42%PA). 2 foams10mm..
Maximum comfort and hygiene for your baby; Coloured stretch ticking, ultra-soft, antiallergic, anti-dust mite, with HealthGuard treatment; Strech fabric (58%PES; 42%PA). Memory foam 10mm density ..
Bringing Bonnell springs together with memory foam. Memory foam is a heat sensitive product that reacts to body temperature, becoming more malleable as heat increases. Its biobreathable stretch tickin..
The Classic Mattress from Hotel Suite line has a bonel sprung system, is a medium to firm model. Anatomical Strech fabric Ventilated, Side handles  Border 3D Ventilation Fir..
Duo-Relax is a bonel sprung mattress with latex and viscoelastic. A mattress with two distinct sides, the perfect combination between the viscoelastic recovery power, the latex ventilation a..
The latest innovation in Bonnell sprung mattresses is a cork layer, an excellent raw material, that makes the mattress antiallergic, antistatic and strong. The side cork strip gives this a unique and ..
Comfort, softness, color and durability. A mattress to dream and play. Bonnell Spring Mattress; Coloured Stretch Ticking; Puzzle Quilting; Multi-Ventilated; Anti-dust mite and Antiallerg..
The simplicity and comfort of a Bonnell spring mattress, providing support and durability. Main Characteristics:   Bonnell Spring Mattress Stretch Ticking Anti-dust mite and Antiall..
The ergonomics of a Bonnell spring mattress, with stretch ticking and quilting on the side handles. Comfort and style. Main Characteristics:   Bonnell spring mattress Stretch Ticking ..
Main Characteristics:   Bonnell spring mattress Stretch Ticking Anti-dust mite and Antiallergic Orthopaedic Strengthened Sides Anatomic: Very comfortable / adjusts to the body ..
Orthopaedic Mattress. Maximum support and protection for your back. Main Characteristics: Open Coil Breathable Strip Anatomic Stretch Ticking Anti-dust mite treatment Height: +/- 21 cm..
Soflex is a mattress with bonel sprungs and ventilated system, is a model of firmness. Antiallergenic Bonel sprung system Ventilated Height: 19cm Approx.    Also ava..
Superior mattress from Hotel Suite line has a bonel sprung system. This hotel mattress is anatomically designed with a bonel sprung system and has a good layer of tufting. Anatomi..
Firm, strong and snug. With a breathable strip and white stretch ticking. A simple mattress, but very comfortable. Main Characteristics:   Open Coil System Strengthened Sides Stretc..
Bonnell spring mattress with memory foam and high hypoallergenic protection. Strengthened Sides. Spring mattress with memory foam and "Health Guard" stretch ticking. Protects the fabrics against..
The Top Class mattress combines the firmness of the Bonnell sprung system with the comfort and style of the Stretch Milk ticking. Main Characteristics:   Bonnell Sprung Mattress Ortho..
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