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Terms & Conditions

Welcome to Furnishyourabode.com,

The information available on this site is in reference to the purchase of goods and services. Purchasing both directly in-store and on-line expressly implies that you accept the terms and conditions of use and sale detailed below:

1 General Provisions

1.1 The management and operation of the site
www.furnishyourabode.com is the responsibility of the company Planet sofa & Beds, Lda whose headquarters are Rua Professor Dr. Luis de Albuquerque, 8600-615 Lagos, Algarve, Portugal, phone No: (+351) 282 762 070, fax No: (+351) 282 792 660, e-mail: info@furnishyourabode.com and single VAT and Company number are PT 507 164 377 (“the Company”)

1.2 In the context of existing legislation, the set of procedures and rules detailed below seeks to clarify the rights and duties of this relationship with Planet Sofa & Beds, Lda either as a visitor or as a client.

1.3 Specific Terms and Conditions apply to when purchasing on-line through www.furnishyourabode.com, or in-store however set out below are the general terms of trade.

2 About the Contents

2.1 The information, images and other content on this site, designed to meet the objectives of the internal www.furnishyourabode.com, not being allowed to use the service of objectives outside the scope of this site.

2.2 We intend to present an information error-free publication. However, if an error is detected that can significantly change the conditions that determine the performance of this contract, will be contacted by us, to decide on its maintenance, in accordance herein.

2.3 The images shown are intended only to illustrate the article and do not constitute an integral part of the contractual agreement of purchase and sale between the customer and www.furnishyourabode.com.

2.4 As regards the colors and shades of the images of the products, there may be discrepancies which are unrelated, since many of them depend on the characteristics of client computing devices.

2.5 If the product you received does not match the material characteristics listed in the description clients will be entitled to the return or compensation.

2.6 The accessories and other decorative elements shown in images are not included, unless specifically mentioned.

2.7 To ask specific questions or clarify contents please contact us either in writing or by telephone and we will respond as quickly as possible.

3 Ordering

3.1 Orders may be placed online via www.furnishyourabode.com, 24 hours a day, over the telephone or by email.

3.2 Only individuals of legal age may place orders.

3.3 Order acceptance is defined as 24 hours after the receipt of a 40% deposit or full payment and acceptance of the Company’s terms and conditions of trade which referred to when placing an order on-line and also within written correspondence and orders placed via email and in-store.

3.4 The client shall ensure that the products chosen are of the appropriate dimensions to fit the space they are intended for and should also check the accessibility of spaces / places of delivery.

3.5 The client is responsible for checking the orders to confirm details to ensure that products, colors, fabrics and other options are correct. Should this not be the case clients must inform the Company within 24 hours of order confirmation being sent by email.

3.5 The customer may only cancel order up to 48 hours after order confirmation provided dispatch has not taken place. To do so you must contact us via phone line customer support. The cancellation is effective only after the receipt of email confirmation.

3.6 Orders cancelled more than 48 hours after order confirmation will be subject to a 40% charge of the total order value for order items and 20% of the order value for stock items.


4.1 Sale prices are published in euros, including all fees and taxes required by law. Include delivery costs by 3rd party courier within the Iberian Peninsula to the property (for the Continent). Exceptions are cases of stock and publishing error.

4.2 The sale prices listed include assembly and packaging removal within the Algarve subject to a minimum spend of €299. For order under this value or outside of the Algarve please contact us to confirm installation charges.

4.3 The Company reserves the right to make changes in the prices of their products in accordance with the law, and time convenient to you, respecting and ensuring prior commitments.

4.5 If there is an error in the markup of the price of a product, the Company will contact you through one of the contacts provided before Order Acceptance to give you the opportunity to cancel your order if it is so wished. If the customer does not provide any means to contact the order will be considered void.


5.1 The stock availability and delivery times quoted are indicative and may change by the organization and logistics of the production itself.

5.2 The effective date for delivery of your order depends on the type of shipment and payment method chosen by you. The first is essentially the distance and the second time with the validation of payment method you used.

5.3 The Company reserves the right, without notice and at any time discontinue the products presented on the site.


6.1 All orders delivered by the Company must be signed for. It is the client’s responsibility to check all products for damage prior to signing for them.

6.2 For orders delivered by 3rd party haulier, it is the client’s responsibility to open all boxes and check the contents prior to acceptance. Once signed for, neither the Company or the haulier will accepted responsibility for damage in transit.

6.3 Items which are received damaged should not be accepted and should immediately be returned to the haulier.

6.4 Unless specifically agreed, orders outside of the Algarve will be made by 3rd party haulier and only include delivery to the entrance to the building / property.

6.5 If items are to be installed by the Company, it is the client’s responsibility to ensure the property is in a fit state to receive items and for work to be undertaken in a safe manner. This includes and is not limited to the property being clean, electricity being available, natural light being available in all living spaces if lights are to be fitted by the Company.

6.6 Should a property not be suitable for an installation and it is not previously agreed that delivery is still to be made then either a redelivery charge of €1 / km for the round trip will be levied or the items will be left at the entrance of the property and will not be installed.

6.7 Whilst free delivery is offered on products within the Iberian Peninsula this does not imply the service is free of charge and only that the charge is included with the cost of the item. Should items need to be returned for warrantee claims or otherwise it is the responsibility of the client to organize and pay for the transport or agree a collection cost with the Company. Only if items are refused on delivery will the Company or the haulier accept the cost of return / redelivery.

6.8 Clients will be notified when orders are received from suppliers and ready for delivery. Unless otherwise expressly agreed in writing, orders are to be delivered within 4 weeks of the estimated delivery date. Should the client not confirm delivery within this period then the balance of the order cost must be paid in full or a storage charge of €2 per item per week will be levied.

6.9 Where a client fails to agree to or respond to calls to make a delivery for 6 months then the order will be deemed cancelled and any payments made in respect of the order will not be refundable.

6.10 It is a legal requirement in Portugal that all deliveries are accompanied with a either a delivery note or invoice that has been registered with the tax office. In order to create these documents the name, address and tax number of the client is required. We ask that this information is provided no later than 48 hours prior to the delivery to enable the necessary paperwork to be created and submitted to the tax office prior to the scheduled delivery.

6.11 If delivery to a property is made through a key holder then the key holder representative must acknowledge receipt of the goods by signing the delivery note. Should no representative be present at the delivery / installation the client accepts that it is deemed the delivery note is accepted and queries cannot be raised in respect of the items delivered or condition they were left. This does not affect the client’s ability to claim under the manufacturers warrantees and guarantees.


7.1 For website orders payment must be made in full when placing the order. For in-store orders which are not immediately taken away a deposit payment of 40% may be made.


7.2 The payment must be made by credit card through PayPal, Debit Card, Bank Transfer or cheque. Payments by cheque are only accepted 5 working days prior to the organized delivery.

7.3 The payments must be made to IBAN:

IBAN: PT 5000 33 0000 45283843169 05


Company Name: Planet Sofa & Beds LDA

Bank Name and branch: Millennium BCP, Gil Eanes, Lagos 8600, Portugal

7.4 Order balances for furniture packages or large orders must be clear in the Company’s bank account 5 working days prior to the scheduled delivery date. In specific cases with smaller orders the Company may agree to accept the order balance on delivery by credit / debit card or cash though this must be agreed in advance with the Company and payment must be made to the delivery personell prior to installation within the property.


8.1 Our products are designed for normal everyday home use. If products are for commercial use or otherwise product warrantees and guarantees may be invalidated or limited.

8.2 Subject to normal use and care, products marketed by the Company have a 2 year warranty on the structural integrity and materials to the final consumer. The warranty period begins with the date of delivery. For business customers the guarantees do not apply under the terms mentioned above.

8.3 Exterior furniture should be maintained free of heavy dirt and covered when not in use for a period of time to prevent or limit fading and degradation of the structural integrity due to UV damage.

8.2 In accordance with article 6 of Decree-Law No 143/2001, transport services and disassembly, are not included in the Right to Free Resolution.



9.1 The customer should always check whether the outer packaging for signs of mistreatment. All boxes should be opened to check for damage in transit and in a manner that keeps those intact and reusable should the product need to be returned.

9.2 You have the right to return items whenever they present manufacturing defects, detected within their guarantee. Should return them when the time of its receipt, they present deficiencies caused by transportation.

9.3 In accordance with the article 6 of Decree-Law n º 143/2001, the customer may return products which were originally in stock and not placed to order within 2 weeks of receipt, provided that:

9.3.1 The Company is notified in writing by registered letter or email to the addresses detailed above and is also at the cost of the client;

9.3.2 Organisation of logistics and associated cost of returning the goods to the Company is bourne by the Customer. The Company may be able to organise collection subject to agreeing costs and receiving payment prior to uplifting the goods;

9.3.3 Only items returned in their original packaging that have not been installed or built will be accepted;

9.4 The customer will be refunded only when the products are received to our warehouse and they have been checked. Should the packaging not be suitable for resale but the contents be in perfect unused condition a repacking charge of €30 per box will be deducted from the refund.


10.1 For the resolution of any dispute arising from the application of these Terms of Service and sale, is competent District Court Planet Sofa & Beds, Lda corporate headquarters, with exclusion of any other.

10.2 The responsibility www.furnishyourabode.com face to the customer is limited to the sale value of goods and services that are provided.

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