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Copper and Pink - The strongest decoration trends for this season

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by Sofia Guerreiro | Posted in News,Interior design,Trends | No comments yet. | 1966 views on this post

Copper and blushy baby pink: Sophistication with a touch of feminine glam but not overly feminine and not overly glamorous.

Not a novelty, it has remained one of the main trends since 2016, but this year is also used in more unusual settings like bathrooms and kitchens, giving it an incredibly chic look.

Exposed copper piping is becoming one of the main trends.

On monochromatic backgrounds, also a trend for this season (check our next post), just a few copper and pink accessories will stand out.

Some materials and colours just have great chemistry and copper and pink combined with a grey palette is undeniably one of those cases.

On a monochromatic base created using different shades of grey, copper and pink spots will make a statement.

Talking about chemistry of materials, marble is another perfect combination for this pair. No longer used only in traditional decorations, marble resurfaced and is being heavily used in home decorations.

Copper plays neutral, so it can play it with different colours and tones.

Very in, oversized copper pendants are another way to apply this trend.

A correct mix of various trends is always a winner, as shown in the image below. The pink was incorporated in the tiles (also very in at the moment) and the copper in the large hanging lamp and the accessories, all on a gray base, the best friend of this pair.

More to come, stay tuned.

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