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Monochrome - The strongest decoration trends for this season

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by Emma Neal | Posted in News,Interior design,Trends | No comments yet. | 1358 views on this post

Monochrome is when several shades of a single color are used. This is often seen as black and white (which is technically monochromatic), but in reality, any color can be used.

Minimalism is the key word for monochrome.

A monochromatic scheme allows you to easily chance the look of your space just by:

-        adding a couple of bright accessories;

-        combining with a different hue or material, such as the chairs with wooden legs of the image below;

-        adding some plants, which will combine two trends for this season, monochrome and interior plants;

There are many different ways to apply monochrome in your home:




Tiled (another trend for this autumn/winter)

Monochromatic minimalist decorations are often inspired by Scandinavian interiors:

A timeless look…

Keep up for more on decorating tips for this season.

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