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Bonnell/Open Sprung Mattresses

The simplicity and comfort of a Bonnell spring mattress, providing support and durability.
We have a vast selection of mattresses to chose from at Abode furniture.


Duo-Relax is a Bonnell sprung mattress with viscoelastic and latex. It has two distinct sides. Perfect combination of the power of heat-sensitive viscoelastic recovery, the adaptability and natural ventilation of the latex, with the firmness of the Bonnell springs block.Other sizes availab..
Ex Tax:231.71€
Soflex is a Bonnell sprung mattress with ventilated system.Other sizes available. Contact us to request a quote...
Ex Tax:93.50€
Veneza is a profiled Bonnell sprung mattress. The combination of the firmness of the Bonnell spring block with the micro-massage sensation provided by the profile, coupled with the great softness of stretch ticking with Bamboo treatment. Comfort gently firm and elegant.Other sizes availabl..