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Charcoal Portable

Portable barbecues are an ideal option for all sorts of situations.

Fògher Portable Grill with Oven FGR 450 FO Fògher Portable Grill with Oven FGR 450 FO
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Style and quality in all situations. The FÒGHER Portable Grill with Oven: a product in which every detail expresses the utmost sophistication typical of the most innovative Made in Italy design. The use of the most advanced technologies guarantees professional results for cooking any type of food. ..
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Whether you are heading to the park, a festival or just the back garden, the Park barbecue is the perfect way to cook on the go. This portable barbecue is bound to brighten up any day. Despite being light enough to carry, the Park barbecue is durable and tough with an enamel-coated lid to make it la..
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