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5+ Burners

We offer the most well-respected brand of barbecues that makes fantastic outdoor cooking appliances.
Gas barbecues are attracting a steadily increasing legion of fans.
We selected the best models of gas barbecues and accessories.
The 5 burner gas barbecues were created with the best engineering, presenting innovative and functional solutions for an enjoyable barbecuing experience.
Find a wide range of high-quality, modern design products at affordable prices.

Napoleon's Prestige PRO 825 with Power Side Burner and Infrared Rear and Bottom Burners proves that two heads are better than one.On the outside, shining stainless steel body provides durability against the elements while chrome details add luxury. Our blue NIGHT LIGHT control knobs featuring Sa..
Ex Tax:4,877.24€
Highend barbecue, with a few genius added extras. This deluxe version includes handy oven lights for evening cooking, integrated bottle opener, rotisserie spit and more. This is the piece of kit to impress your friends. This BBQ is the real deal, huge, powerful and built to last. So if you’re a cons..
Ex Tax:893.50€