After each usage

Remove the ashes, and dispose of them in a non-combustible container.

Clean the grate. The best way is to light a fire and heat the grate for about 30 minutes. Scrab it with a stiff grill brush removing any leftover food.

Wash the grill, outside of the lid and the ash catcher with warm soapy water. You can use a steel-wool pad for more difficult areas. Rinse and dry.


Before each usage

Clean the grate. Preheat the grill until it's hot. Brush the grate with a stiff grill brush. Repeat when you’re finished cooking.

Oil the grate, to prevent food from sticking to the grill. Fold a paper towel, dip it in a bowl of vegetable and, using long-handled tongs, rub it over the bars of the grate. This needs to be done carefully to prevent oil from dripping onto the coals. Another way to oil the grate is with some bacon or steak fat. You can repeat when you’re finished cooking. This will also help prevent rusting.


When the season ends

Remove the ashes, and dispose in a non-combustible container.

Cover the grill and don't wash until the start of next season. Leaving the grease on until spring will help prevent the metal from rusting.