High quality chimeneas, fire pits, fire baskets, electrical heaters and multi-functional outdoor ovens.

If you are looking to warmth your outdoor space in a stylish way, our new brand has something for everyone.


Designed to enhance the outdoor living, these products create an inviting and intimate glow in your garden.


Fire pits

Perfect for outdoor gatherings, the flames will be the central focus of your landscaping while warming your cold nights. 

Fire pits are great for cooking on, and add ambience to by throwing scented firelighters onto the open fire.

Cast iron with barbecue grill



Our solid and sturdy rain protected chimeneas are not only used to heat your garden, but also to cook outdoors.

Our clay or metal chimeneas bring an artisanal look to your garden allowing you to stay outside into the evening relaxing in the heat of the glowing flames.

Create a confortable and enticing environment with a vast range of original and effective designs to choose from.

Cast iron with attractive bronze finish.

Two piece clay with geometric hand made finish.


Fire baskets

Simple designs that ccan make all the difference. Great for any settings, they will catch everybody's attention.

Sturdy body with laser cut detailing.

Flowers adorn, perfect for use with low level furniture.


Electrical heaters

Efficient and powerful, our new electrical heaters bring a new design to the old classic outdoor heaters.

The parasol or tripod mounted electric heaters are one of the most popular designs, being perfect for attaching under parasols. A portable heating solution screams out creativity.

Eco friendly, they have an exceptional long life.

The design on the image above, discreetly keeps everyone warm from above with smart hammered black finish and three long heater heads.


Regardless of the type of heating you choose, our new wide range of outdoor heating will allow you to find something to suit your style and space.


Quick and easy assembly, durable construction, high temperature and safety assured.