Outdoor fire pits allow unlimited options that the traditional bonfire never saw coming. Outdoor fire pits decorate, entertain, excite, and transform your landscape.


Affordable, Endless Options


There’s not just one kind of outdoor fire pit. No matter what your style, options abound. Choose from natural gas, propane, wood burning, ethanol-fueled, and even custom designs to make your pit the perfect fit.


Natural Gas

The ultimate in convenience, natural gas fire pits never run out of fuel. Running off of a natural gas line, these impressively designed masterpieces become your landscape’s focal point and provide an ambiance that will instantly impress visitors.



Another convenient option, these fire pits run off of liquid propane tanks, allowing a quality flame without the wood. Beautifully designed, they are affordable, safe, and provide a bonfire’s benefits without the hassle.



If you enjoy collecting real wood, try a wood-burning fire pit. Designed for cooking, it’s like having your own private campfire, including the natural pleasures of wood and smoke.



Easy to install and maintain, ethanol-fueled fire pits provide instant ambiance with a simple lighter flick, which means no mess, no smoke, and no odor. Safe and effective, the regulated flame can be easily extinguished.


Going Green

Nowadays, caring for our planet is becoming increasingly important. Outdoor fire pits are one way to save our planet’s precious resources. It’s a great place to burn excess brush, weeds, and wood without cutting down excess trees, keeping our planet healthy while providing a beautiful backdrop for your own outdoors.


Enjoying the Outdoors

You can cook a hot dog on the grill...or you can roast it over your own outdoor fire pit. Craving an exciting experience that brings everyone back to nature? As the weather gets cooler, warm up and break out the blankets while you devour classic roasted specialties like kabobs and s'mores. Enjoy a camping-style adventure at home.


Family Fun

Gather around the fire for some family bonding. With an outdoor fire pit, it’s easy to warm up and roast marshmallows in the comfort of your own backyard. A simple BBQ not only saves money, but it’s also an excellent opportunity to unite for an evening of family fun. Have an intimate evening with family or your significant other, all in the comfort of your own backyard.


Entertaining Guests

Extend entertaining outdoors and surprise guests with a landscape piece with a purpose. Gather around the fire for a night of old-fashioned fun in a welcoming atmosphere built for entertaining. Whether it’s hosting a BBQ or relaxing with s’mores, warm up and create an ambiance that only you can provide.


Transform Your Backyard Into a Masterpiece

Outdoor fire pits transform your backyard into an original masterpiece. No matter the style or theme, your dream backyard is a step away. Place your fire pit on the patio, in the yard, the garden, or use it as a stand-alone landscaping piece. Boost your home’s appeal and stand out.