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Bonnell sprung mattress with "Comfort Plus" filling. Ultra-soft anti-allergic fabric with health guard treatment. High comfort and hygiene for your baby. Strech fabric (58%PES; 42%PA). 2 foams10mm..
Maximum comfort and hygiene for your baby; Coloured stretch ticking, ultra-soft, antiallergic, anti-dust mite, with HealthGuard treatment; Strech fabric (58%PES; 42%PA). Memory foam 10mm density ..
Memory foam mattress with Breeze stretch ticking with nanotechnology based on silver ions, prolonging the useful life of the fabrics and keeping them clean and fresh. Reduces the formation of bacteria..
Cashmere strech ticking sanitized Memory foam 5 mm density 50kg / m3 Sheet of antiallergenic fibre 200gr / m3 Foam 26kg 4cm Polyether core 15cm Foam 26kg 2cm Sheet of antiallergenic ..
Highly ergonomic memory foam mattress that adjusts to the exact shape of the body so relieving pressure for relaxing sleep, improving blood circulation and preventing spinal and lumbar problems. ..
Polyester core roll mattress. Easily carried mattress, with independent support areas, silent and keeps its shape. Main Characteristics:   Easily carried foam mattress Anatomic and s..
The latest innovation in Bonnell sprung mattresses is a cork layer, an excellent raw material, that makes the mattress antiallergic, antistatic and strong. The side cork strip gives this a unique and ..
Combining pocket sprungs with high density foam and viscoelastic, the Hibrid Anti-static mattress will give a unique soft-medium confort. With anti-static cork components that help..
Comfort, softness, color and durability. A mattress to dream and play. Bonnell Spring Mattress; Coloured Stretch Ticking; Puzzle Quilting; Multi-Ventilated; Anti-dust mite and Antiallerg..
The Latex Mattress has independent support zones combined with 100% latex composed of countless micro pores that allow healthy ventilation and provide a high degree of natural adaptability and maximum..
The simplicity and comfort of a Bonnell spring mattress, providing support and durability. Main Characteristics:   Bonnell Spring Mattress Stretch Ticking Anti-dust mite and Antiall..
The latest innovation, a foam mattress with a cork layer, an excellent raw material that makes the mattress antiallergic, antistatic and strong. The cork sides make gives this a unique and innovative ..
Strech Ticking 1 side: memory foam 10 mm, density 50kg / m3. Sheet of antiallergenic fibre 400gr / m2 Profiled foam 23,5 mm density 20 kg / m3. Foam 23kg 4 cm. Polyether core 15 cm..
The "Rollortopédico" (Rollorthopedic) Mattress belongs to a new generation of very comfortable foam roll mattress, made from open cells that ensure an excellent microclimate and easy transport. Mai..
High-density foam mattress with high hypoallergenic protection. Memory foam returns to its original shape well and is very comfortable. Combined with "Health Guard" fabric, which has a hypoallergen..
Roll mattress with viscoelastic. Its adaptability allows great ability to care for our body and health. 3D sideband for a perfect ventilation. Easy to transport. Fabric strech Aloe Vera (100% ..
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