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Fògher Gas Barbecue with Oven FGA 500 FO

Fògher Gas Barbecue with Oven FGA 500 FO
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The synthesis of the perfect barbecue.
The maximum expression of quality, encapsulated in a product with highly professional features. Designed and built entirely in Italy, the FÒGHER Gas Barbecue stands out from the crowd for its exclusive design and patented cooking systems that give exceptional results when cooking any type of food.

Extraordinary materials. Timeless quality.
A special product that uses special materials such as aluminised steel and special paint finishes, able to withstand high operating temperatures. The central band, the pulsing heart of the product, is in stainless steel with a satin finish.

Focus on health without sacrificing taste
The innovative FÒGHER Patented System provides for total extraction of combustion gas from the cooking chamber. This special solution means that food can be cooked in a healthier and more genuine way as it is not contaminated by the gasses.

Temperature under control for as long as cooking continues
The Patented System together with the FIRE CORE system allows the operating temperature to be kept constant within the set range for as long as cooking continues.

Oven cooking and the goodness of barbecuing come together
Cooking different types of food, whether fatty or more delicate, will not be a problem any more with indirect cooking. Just like in an oven, the heat source never comes in direct contact with the food, cooking slowly at constant medium-low temperatures that prevent any burning. The presence of the cover and the humid atmosphere that it creates ensure excellent results and food of unsurpassed tenderness.

The joy of smoked food and indirect cooking
Cooking and smoking food the easy way, but with truly professional results, is no problem at all with the Gas Barbecue and oven used with the special Smoker Kit (sold separately).


Legs sold separately.

ModelFGA 500 FO
Number of burners2
Cooking Surface50 x 40 cm
Size of closed product55,5 x 55,1 x 47,3 cm
Package size60 x 57,5 x 51,5 cm
Package weight35 Kg with Redunicre

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