Most of the latest trends lean towards the use of rich vibrant colours.

Green is one of the most used colors in current modern decorations.


Emerald green


One of the interior designer's favourite shades of this colour.

Choosing where to apply this hue can be challenging but also very rewarding as the result is invariably fresh, elegant and stylish.


Here follow some suggestions on how to apply this trend.


On a wall – It will immediately change the ambiance and create an intimate atmosphere.


Accessories - let the colour make a statement without being overused.


Although we have mentioned the overuse, in fact shades of darker green look good even when they are heavily used in the same space, hardly ever resulting in an exaggerated or heavy appearance.


Curtains - the curtains alone or paired with another element.


Central pieces - invest in upholstered objects like sofas or chairs.


Furniture – this one can be risky but if used smartly it will bring in the retro look that is so in at the moment.An example is Cameron Diaz’s kitchen in her New York apartment.


Low-key – If you want to apply this style subtly, add some green glasses to white plates, decorative green bottles or vases or home plants to your living room.


Mixing with other colours...

Shades of brown, white and yellow look amazing with deep green colors.


Pairing them with yellow will give the room a glamorous effect.


Tropical - Perfect for creating a tropical look, emerald green combined with plenty of plants and the right accessories will make you feel like you are in a warm and distant paradise:


to be continued...