After each use

- Simple cleaning. The regular after-use clean only needs to be a light clean. It may be enough to use the residual heat after cooking. Spray vegetable oil over the cooking grate and scrape with a barbecue spatula or wire brush. Wipe down with paper towels. If this is not enough to clean the grate, proceed to the next step.

- Disconnect the gas and put on some disposable gloves to protect your hands.

Lift up the cooking grates, when they are cooled and use a barbecue sturdy wire brush to remove all grease and food particles.

Clean the barrier above the burners, this refers to the area that contains briquettes, lava rock or a metal plate. Use a wire brush to loosen burnt food and wear disposable gloves to pick off the pieces. If there is food stuck on the solid fuel, replace the lava/briquettes or metal plates as this can spoil the taste of the food being barbecued.

Wipe down. Keep a rag to use exclusively with barbecue (machine washable or paper towels) and use it to wipe down the barrier and the cooking grates and remove anything stuck on that the brush couldn't remove. Let dry and inspect to see if it's ready to use again.

At the beginning and end of the season

- Disconnect the gas. An important safety precaution.

- Inspect. Lift up all grill parts, inspect the burners thoroughly and check if there are any blockages to ensure even cooking. If you cannot be sure if everything is working out correctly, replace the burners or look for a professional’s opinion.

- Deep clean the cooking grate with soapy water (when there is a crusty build-up):

1 - Use a wire brush to remove all loose and charred food pieces. Score and scratch the surface with the wire brush. It doesn't have to be perfectly clean.

2 - Place the cooking grid in a garbage bag or a large sealable plastic container.

3 - Add 6-8 ounces of ammonia.

4 - Close the garbage bag or container tightly. Let sit overnight (or for about 12 hours) somewhere outdoors.

5 - Remove the grate from the container or bag the next day. Do this in a well-ventilated area, as the ammonia fumes will be emitted.

6 - Use the wire brush again. This time, all remaining pieces of food should come off easily.

7 - Rinse with water before using.

8 - Oil the grate. If the cooking grate is cast iron, it will benefit from being oiled with a suitable vegetable oil. This will deter rust and keep the grate in good condition. 

- Paint the grill if it is peeling or showing signs of rust, with food-safe paint and then wash with soap water followed by a polish.

- Put all the grill parts back in, and check if all connections are good. Before using again, be sure to let the grill heat completely to burn off any soapy residue.