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Sonos Five Wall Mount

Sonos Five Wall Mount
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Hanging up a Sonos Five has many advantages, but above all it ensures that this beautiful speaker can perform.

If you place a Sonos Five on a piece of furniture, the vibrations from this speaker can change the sound image. Our speaker brackets absorb these vibrations and this allows your Sonos Five to reproduce the most pure sound. With this rotatable and tiltable wall bracket you experience the beautiful dynamic sound from your speaker. Because you can rotate and tilt the wall mount, you can point your Sonos speaker at the place where you listen to music. The sound comes directly at you, so you experience the most dynamics from your speaker.

All the advantages of a hanging bracket:

  • Complete your Sonos experience
  • Create the ideal sweet spot for the best sound
  • Functional design for your Sonos Five
  • Perfect match with your speaker
  • Create space and safety
  • Quick and easy and accurate to assemble

Strong bracket for your Sonos Five
The design of this wall bracket is tailored to the design of the Sonos Five. The appearance of this bracket fits perfectly with the Sonos Five, so that all attention is focused on the speaker. Because the Sonos Five does not have a threaded connection, we have developed a unique clamping system. This allows you to hang this heavy speaker safely and carefree. If you hang the Sonos Five a little higher, you can have it tilt so that you can aim the speaker better.

Hang Sonos Five vertically on the wall
It's good to know that a Sonos Five in a vertical setup will reproduce a mono signal and therefore work as one conventional speaker. With this feature, Sonos makes it possible to turn 2 Five speakers into a real pure stereo setup. The real audio enthusiast will know that this allows you to make a nice sweet spot. That is the place where everything comes together. If you only want to hang one speaker, we advise you to choose a horizontal bracket.

A safe and space-saving setup
Mounting a Sonos Five on the wall offers more benefits in addition to a great sound experience. It is a space-saving solution that allows you to create a safe situation because you hang the speaker safely out of reach for children or pets, for example.

Simple wall mounting system
Hanging your Sonos Five is very easy. This wall bracket has an integrated spirit level. As a result, the Sonos speaker always hangs straight. In the packaging you will find everything to easily and quickly attach your Sonos speaker to the wall. The supplied universal Fischer UX plugs are suitable for hollow and solid walls.


  • Designed for Sonos Five and Play:5 (2nd generation )
  • Safe and strong clamping system
  • Rotation angle: 30° left / 30° right
  • Tilt point: 0° - 20°
  • Suitable for upside down mounting
  • Suitable for corner mounting
  • Ready to assemble, all supplies are included
  • Easy to install thanks to slide-in design and an integrated spirit level
  • Available in black and white


Dimensions & weight:

  • Horizontal: 27x21.3x12 cm - 1,4Kg
  • Vertical: 38x24x10.5 cm - 1.8Kg with Redunicre

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