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Memory Foam & Latex Mattresses

Many people like the way a foam, memory foam or latex mattress adapts to the body.
Or the way they swallow the movements of a troubled partner.
In short, their flexibility makes them perfect for our adjustable spring wood frames.

Core and memory foam mattress with Breeze stretch ticking with nano technology, based on silver ions, prolongs the life of the fabrics keeping them always clean and fresh.Reduces the formation of bacteria and unpleasant odors.Excellent resistance to washing.It does not influence the natu..
Ex Tax:226.83€
The ergonomics on a mattress with memory foam. Perfect and adaptable nights to your body. Other sizes available. Contact us to request a quote...
Ex Tax:259.35€
Latex is a natural product with a soft texture that perfectly adapts to the body reducing pressure points, consisting of numerous micro perforations that allow a healthy ventilation.Provides a natural rest with maximum comfort.It is a mattress suitable for articulated beds. Othe..
Ex Tax:275.61€
The Natura-Latex mattress has independent rest areas combined with 100% latex composed of numerous micro perforations that allow healthy ventilation and providing a high degree of natural adaptability and maximum comfort.Other sizes available. Contact us to request a quote...
Ex Tax:324.39€
A high density polyether core mattress with profiled memory foam provides optimal flexibility, elasticity and adaptability.Mattress with breathable 3D ticking on the bottom, allowing excellent ventilation.Cover with zippers for easy washing.Perfect characteristics for the movement of the..
Ex Tax:218.70€
A luxurious mattress full of comfort.The micro-massage with the memory foam provides a moment of total rest. Other sizes available. Contact us to request a quote...
Ex Tax:251.22€
The memory foam adaptability and coolness of the Gel eliminates the pressure of the resting surface on the body, allowing a more serene sleep and a perfect rest.One side memory foam and one side memory foam combined with gel offers maximum comfort and fresh feeling.A mattress for all seasons..
Ex Tax:264.23€
Easy-to-transport core mattress, with memory foam and pillow top.Quality on a rolled up mattress.It adapts to the contour of the body thanks to its malleable properties.Uniform and stable pressure on the whole body. Other sizes available. Contact us to request a quote...
Ex Tax:174.80€